Warwick Municipal Retirees Association

                                                                                                  Executive Board

        Fred Acquaro,   President                                                      Kathy Hedquist

        Scott Small,       Vice President                                              Henry Lillie

​        Debra Cardosa, Treasurer                                                     Paul Johnston

        Lois Cerrito,  Recording Secretary                                         Joann Proppe

        Gus Cote, Pension Board Chairman                                     Sue Weeden

September 23, 2020

Dear Members:

Thank you for the confidence you have shown in me to elect me as the new President of the Warwick Municipal Retirees Association.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Fred Acquaro, retired for 12 years.  I started  working for the City on the Cedar Program in 1978 at the age of 20.  I was hired as a laborer in Highway then moved up the ladder to 'truck driver' and then transferred to the Automotive Division, as a mechanic, under Ed Pendergast.  Eventually I went to the back garage,  Automotive Division, and retired in 2008.  After serving in many capacities with Local 1651 such as Executive Board Member, Trustee, Pension Board, Vice President and lastly  President, I have continued after retiring to join the retirees. With the retirees, I have served as Vice President for many years.

I would like to proudly introduce the rest of the Officers and the Executive Board members.  Starting with Vice President, Scott Small, who also held many positions with Local 1651 has retired from the Highway Division.

Our Treasurer, Deb Cardosa, also held many positions with Local 1651, retired from the Water Division.

Our Recording Secretary, Lois Cerrito, has retained her position as our Secretary and was also the Recording Secretary for Local 1651 for 10 years.  Lois retired from the Public Works Division.

Executive Board Members

Kathy Hedquist - retired from the Police Department                        Paul Johnston - retired from the Water Division

Henry Lillie -        retired from the Building Department                     Joann Proppe - retired from the Tax Department

Susan Weeden - retired from the Building Department

Pension Board Representative - Gus Cote - retired from the Automotive Division

My mission, and the mission of all the officers and executive board members, is to keep our members informed and knowledgeable when it comes to the status of our pension, to keep our members abreast of the many issues and concerns that occur on a daily basis, as well as yearly basis in relation to our pensions and benefits. Changes to our pensions and the benefits they provide us with, however large or small, will affect the future of our financial stability and the role it will play in the quality of life for all retirees. You can have a voice in assuring that our membership maintains our current benefits by standing united with your fellow retirees that make up our association and at the same time, stand united against changes that could affect your future.

We would like to formerly welcome you to join our association by filling out the membership form that is enclosed. There is nominal dues, yearly, of $10.00. Your membership and dues affords your attendance to our monthly meetings, which take place on the last Wednesday of the month from September to June, 10:30 a.m., at the Pilgrim Senior Center, as well as participation in the many activities and functions scheduled for the upcoming year. 

We feel there is truly strength in numbers. Help us keep our association strong and our pensions alive!


In solidarity,
Fred Acquaro, President