In the year of 1999, *an exceptional year,* two wise gentlemen had the foresight to form the Warwick Municipal Retirees Association.  They both retired from the City of Warwick, Department of Public Works, Highway Division.  Before retiring, they had many questions regarding the forms that had to be completed and the decisions that had to be finalized for the benefit of their future.  The process is very overwhelming and there was no one to guide them.  With great difficulty, they tried to contact retirees for their opinions and comments.

One day over coffee, they were discussing the choices they made, the co-workers they hadn't seen, and were curious as to how many retirees there were.  The gentlemen discussed forming an association which could enable other retirees to get accurate information, perpetual guidance, or just to socialize.  They prudently looked through the  telephone book to obtain telephone numbers of former co-workers that had retired, which was a never-ending process.  Finally, they were able to contact about a dozen retirees who were ecstatic to help develop the association.  They started by gathering for breakfast or coffee,  and by word of mouth the association has developed into a nonprofit organization, increasing every day, now with over 300 members!  Their motto was " It's all about the numbers!"

We'd like to thank our wise gentlemen with their foresight to convey their ideas and bringing the association to where it is today - Bob Ryan and Jack O'Donnell.  Sadly, both have passed, but they will never be forgotten, a friend to all!

Fortunate for us, Bob and Jack had the insight to help and guide the retirees with their impending interests and concerns for all.  They reflected on the past, embraced the present, and helped us plan for the future.

Let us thank all of the original members of the association for their discernment in setting the groundwork in establishing a flourishing association!

History of the

Warwick Municipal Retirees Association